Solutions for Buildings & Structures



Installation and repair of a variety of flooring systems designed to protect your facility, provide safe footing for employees, and an attractive finish.



Let us help you keep your walls clean and functional. We can also address issues such as water infiltration, damage from mold, and corrosion.



We have quickly applied liquid membrane and elastomeric sealing solutions to quickly stop water infiltration into the critical areas of your building.

Secondary Containment


Whether its a concentrated acid, caustic, or oxidizer, we have long term solutions to completely seal your secondary containment areas and keep complaint. 



Not all leaks are the same, they can be static or move, high flow or low flow, wide or narrow, under high pressure or low pressure, concrete or steel substrates. Whatever the case, we have solutions for all types of leaks. 

Concrete Repair


It may be a small full thickness patch or a large area to resurface. Part of a pillar, bridge deck, or silo. We utilize the best combination such as Enecon repair mortar and Cortec MCI corrosion inhibitor to ensure  you have an effective long-term solution.

Positive Safety Grip Systems


The need for safe footing is of utmost importance to every facility for employees and customers alike. The Enecon DuraGrip system provides the most extreme protection, just ask us for a sample at your facility!

Structural Steel


Extreme protection for structural steel in harsh environments with high humidity, chemicals, and chlorides. Piles, marine walls, and bulkheads below grade can also be protected by cathodic protection. 

Concrete Admixtures & Treatments


Cortec MCI Admixtures and surface applied treatments help extend the life of reinforced concrete structures through a proprietary blend of inhibitors that can clean, seal, and protect concrete and reinforcement.