Equipment & Machinery

Chillers & Heat Exchangers


Protecting from internal corrosion on shell and tube heat exchangers with Enecon CeramAlloy. Lengthen the useful life and protect your assets. We can also add anodes for complimentary protection and clean scale and fouling from your tubes. 

Cooling Towers


Cooling tower structures, their supports, piping, and the equipment nearby are all subject to corrosion from the high humidity atmosphere. Talk to us about cleaning the tower, sealing leaks in the tower, or protective coatings on the towers and equipment. 

Air Handler Units


Often placed in difficult to access areas, these pieces of equipment are essential for keeping a building running. Issues such as corrosion of pan and walls, coil buildup, and mold growth can be addressed to keep the units and occupants in good health. 



Pumps keep facilities moving. Long lead times and short life spans can be addressed by using CeramAlloy coatings to increase the life and efficiency of pump impellers and casings.

Pump Bases & Equipment Pads


Damaged equipment pads can be repaired using a variety of methods, such as structural epoxy injection and sealing with Enecon Enecrete products.



From chemical tanks to water storage tanks to bins and hoppers, let us show you the solutions we have for primary containment of virtually all wet and dry materials.

Carbon Fiber DuraWrap Repairs


Carbon fiber wrapping with DuraWrap can add longevity to pipes and concrete structures by reinforcing the existing structure and allow you to continue operating longer without interruption. 



Internal and external pipe coatings for all industries. It is important to factor in the environment, chemicals, abrasive, and maintenance factors as well as aesthetics when evaluating pipe coatings.

Augers/Conveyors/Turbo Separators


This abrasive equipment can be protected with carbide and alumina systems such as Enecon Ceramalloy CBX and EBX that can rebuild and extend the useful life.

Hydrotest Solutions


Contact us to learn how to hydro test with protection afterwards from two weeks to two years. This technology can replace nitrogen purge and  the testing fluid is environmentally safe. 

VpCI Packaging


From short to long term protection, let us help you to find corrosion preventative solutions for your raw stock or finished goods. 

Wet or Dry Equipment Layup


From HVAC equipment to process vessels, piping, and plants. We have solutions for layup of equipment to keep these assets preserved.